Besotted (Part I)

I have a liking towards tech, and with this said I know someone just switched to think whoop “Geek”. No my friends, and I hope this won’t initiate a buffering level on future posts though. Because regardless of the norm that regards techies as a tad complex people, on the contrary the ilk are quite an awesome crowd, cool to hang out with and by God funny as hell. Checkout some of us here 🙂 . A day spent with a techie is definitely a day not wasted at all, you’ll come out feeling like Eureka itself because the quantum of discoveries that you will be bombarded with might be close to Einstein’s, even though not that close its just close enough. And despite some damsels might want to make us feel special by giving us their phone numbers (when we rarely ask for it). We all know truthfully that they will only reach out to us in the dead of the night or at dawn when they  find their Laptop at its vulnerable point. Either one, does not log on, or two, the sound is acting up or

“Hey Blio, I have my flash disk that had a lot of my documents niliweka kwa comp flani Virus ikakula unaweza kam… siutakam unichekie” NB: She just asked you a question and she answered it for you, so you have no choice but to go over at her behest, and we do. Why? Hec, because Doing good is part of our code. No pun intended.

So if you are technophile (I’ll use technophile,I find geek a tad insulting. Technophile sounds good, it sounds more elevating) a little bit wet behind your ears in this technology world and a newbie in campus. You haven’t gotten a chance to explore the Technology world extensively and are green to the idea of owning “The ideal laptop”. When you are a first year owning a laptop is just enough, hec you might even take anything that flips open. Since in campus the growing need and pressure for any IT student to own a laptop is unfathomable, because hey you would agree with me, It’s like going to a shamba without a jembe right? Yes.

Case in point, I was a first year, once, and the ever growing pressure to own a laptop was a tad overt and overwhelming, so what did this Intern do; with the help of the Misus. I go ahead and acquire (I’d like to think my choice wasn’t that bad.) a state of the art HP Pavillion G6 Laptop with 2.0 Ghz 4 gb ram 320 hard-disk space (That’s not Jargon, I just helped you with tips on finding something better when purchasing a laptop, see. Eureka!). Chek her out, quite a catch right?


?????????????????????? ??????????????????????

Save for the hard disk space which what she had was 320GB and by then 500Gb was the shiznit, you could say my choice wasn’t at all that bad. But imagine the look on my face when I discovered a week later that @mkaula96 very good friend of mine and a business student from the same school had bought his HP (similar make) with a Bluetooth functionality and a better storage space than mine for 2000/= shillings cheaper. Man I cringed.

Almost gave myself a fist punch, and to think he had called me before hand to come over and help him purchase “The Ideal Laptop”. Since he held my course with high regard and therefore considered my wise counsel would come in handy when seeking for the gadget. God knows what he would have acquired that day had he brought me along. He He kidding he would have acquired just that.

Fast forward to today I know better. That’s what internships, lots of Notes, lots of CATS, lots research and lots of, lots of window shopping do to you. I am now in the process of searching for a new one, a new found love; and no, Pavvy (That’s what I call my laptop) hasn’t given up on life yet she’s still there breathing, clocking that 2.0 as her maker destined her to; she’s still at her best condition. I take care of my laptop as I do my family, and as I do good lassies (however wrong and right that last statement sounds). Acquiring a new one doesn’t mean I am gonna kick her to the curb, abandon her just like that. No!. This is Africa, as long as you don’t break your back in maintainig three, two or five wives and have an understanding with them, then you can cut your cake and eat it too.


But regardless of how many wives you have, the first seems to be engraved in stone, but who am I to give you knowledge on Polygamy. Hey I’m only an Intern .


It is said there is no past tense in loving someone so for me Pavvy will always have a special place in my Technological Heart. It will always beat for her. Because with her is where I crawled into this technology world, my first baby splash into these big waters of technology, here is where I learnt to say “Hello World” in various languages, leave out French, I’m talking of HTML CSS PHP AndroidIDE NetbeansIDE….Oh sorry I thought we were all in one page. With her (Pavvy) major campus competitions were won, alliances were formed, networks were established and great inventions that are yet to be unleashed and perfected were created. Even though I decided to lend her out to someone I know whoever has her is taking good care of her; because I usually call to enquire about the laptop at times too.

So yes I am currently on the prowl for a hot new laptop. Even though the tailor who sews my trousers always seems to leave my pockets with holes that cant withstand the weight of currency(s) . I believe God will bring the laptop soon. It’s been 3 months of racing up and down beating deadlines in making sure I run this shindig, among other shindigs. Regardless of the fact that I’m  know God will make away.

In fact come to think of it I already spotted her, she’s on Jumia. She resembles Pavvy, so you see the apple never falls far from the tree. I wont get down to too much detail for now, but all I can say is; Never before have I been besotted by a laptop so perfectly formed, its as if she was sculpted by the goddesses themselves.

So if you want to really, really know who she is get back here this end month I will be unveiling her then. Hopefully she’ll be here by then. Fingers Crossed

Oh and if you really really, reeaaallllly want to get to know her, and is finding that end month is a tad too long a date for you. I can make your wish come true, just make mine first. Its quid pro quo.

Adios Amigos.

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