Happy New Year 2015

Hallo there? If your reading this, that means you’re alive. Yes? …Virtual High Five then? How was your Christmas? Good? I apologize for not wishing you a Merry Christmas. I forgot. Blame the food I stuffed in too much, and because that I have vowed not to eat anymore until next year (hehe … see what I did there). Speaking of food. How was the food, your food, sumptuous? Hopefully your fridge being stocked with a lot of food stuffs for Christmas didn’t turn you into a couch potato. Did it? I hope not. Oh I see, is that Pastors Jameson soda please pass it here I need to take a sip as we speak, *sips* it’s to conk add some sprite will you? I think Pastor Jameson forgot he was not the only one partaking this divine… divai. *Sips* that’s much better. Where were we? Oh ya the tête-à-tête.

Well it’s been a while since we talked. I mean I talked, and you listened. I apologize; it’s the trouble that comes with being an Intern, there’s no Christmas for you. Especially these times in the holidays, a lot of people skive job for an early break.I tell you being an Intern is a tad pain in the patella. Most of the workload falls on you, regardless of whether you’re getting paid or not (well, all depending at the place of where your interning. I hear some Interns get paid a butt load of money, while some us of do what interns refer to us “kazi ya kanisa” ). You barely have time to for yourself well all this, is in the pursuit of getting that Experience column in your resume filled, so that it can be a major contributor to you saying goodbye to the Internship world and get that very elusive job that people keep searching for. But enough of that Internship part I know I owe people a Besotted II, which has been pending ever since, not to worry ardent readers the post will be coming up soon, I know that’s lame to say considering guys requested for it and I said the exact thing but this time I promise it will be up, as an assurance it will be part of my 2015 new year’s resolution, because there’s nothing as true in this world as taxes, death and a new year’s resolution. Right? Yes? …Cheers then. *Clink*

2014 has been a grateful year for The Intern. Yes, regardless of whether these internship leaves my bank account echoing at the sound of the wind. 2014 has been great. Why you ask? Well this was the year that people graduated and it’s exciting, we had a fair share of becoming Christmas trees even before Christmas and now we embark to a long journey in search of more wisdom. Besides that as soon as I got interning from as far as the Birthday Conundrum, I did my best to report to work and juggle between holding two Internships both here and @MombasaTech . Remember when I told you Technology flows deep. Yea I was an Intern for some time there and it was indeed a great opportunity that I will savor for the better part of my Internship. Trouble was, in a bid to trying to juggle this two Internship one Internship didn’t get my attention for say 3 months and for that I say it with an *Indian accent* 1000 apologies. No for real, my apologies. I know it’s not good manners, to invite people over for a party and have them make merry on empty stomachs. That doesn’t and won’t go too well with anyone, even me especially in these times.

Here is to new beginnings, a new leaf to be turned at the stroke of midnight and new beginnings to be embarked on and unraveled in the coming year for the Intern and many of you. So I don’t want to promise an exciting ride, or a chocolate my porcine pal; seeing as much that the binging will still go on. No I don’t, because you see the thing with promises. They are like children, you’ll have fun making them but in the end you’ll find hard keeping them. Not that children are a bore or that I don’t want to take responsibility or anything like that, but,,,, you get my point there right?

2015 looks promising and it is indeed promising for the optimists. Mine is to wish you all the best in the coming year that is… 2015… and to tell you to go forth in the directions of your dreams and achieve them… for as the new adage goes… Your Dreams are valid.

And just as the two journalist clowns of the offside show in NTV love to end their show with a Yoruba/ Luo saying I also leave you with mine… Kenyan saying

Just as the Geography of the worldwide web has made as neighbors,

The History made here at The Intern has made us friends

The Kenyan Economy has made as partners and

And as Necessities has made as Allies

“Those Whom God has joined to together …. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

And with the finality of those words, I hope to see you in 2015.





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