Love In The Times of Cholera.  

It’s that time of the year again people, when love overthrows hate, when red and pink become the favourite colour, when some pour out all the years love on one day and go throughout the year on a an empty love tank. It’s that time when (CDF Forces) Cupid Defence Forces come out in droves in defence for love. And in the crossfire some innocent people get caught up who will then fall in love and have the short outbursts of love (In the words of Luther cop) like a lions mating session. It’s also that time of the year when the days leading to the big day people become very busy you hardly see them coming to think of it I haven’t heard from you guys for while. This also the month that people will move mountains literally, because at the end of that day after that long dry spell in January that kept you two apart for whatever reasons financially or emotionally this day will rekindle your love and boy oh boy, just like these bricks….


So just to avoid this cross fire with cupid I’m also going to blend in. Not at all move mountains for a date or put on a red garb. No. So In the course of this Saturday which is tomorrow some 2hrs 15min have been dedicated to one cupid film. A  very interesting movie, intrigued by the title itself but that which also I’ve been eluding for the better part of last year since I got it. You know the usual excuse being an Intern is a pain in the Patella. The title itself had me engrossed on the cover before unpacking it. It’s called.

Love in the Times of Cholera

Ya, it’s that simple and yet that much intriguing. An old tale of Love, in times when people had no control of what was going to happen the next minute lest they had stomach aches. I haven’t watched it though so no spoilers here. Just like you my mind is completely blank on this. Yet I’ve been thinking what pushed the director to come up with an interesting title like this? Did it happen during Cholera? Did the cast or was the cast suffering from Cholera.  More so did the director happen to be ill and on seeing the dehydrated and dilapidated lad in bed the damsel took off. Leaving him on that bed hurt broken, and after that him sitting on the bed and the toilet seat, thoughts of her criss-crossing his minds more than he could stomach (pun Intended). Him sitting on the toilet seat, fiddling his letters reading they used to exchange from dawn to dawn until dusk. How he composed poems and ballads writing to her how much he couldn’t sleep he couldn’t eat without her, and now how he couldn’t do all two with Cholera in his system. Or was she the one who cooked stale food for him? All these questions will be answered on that day. Meanwhile whatever you do on this day, may the love that precedes cupid n roses be with you all.

And on that cholera note, I’m out like fart y’all. 😀

Happy Valentines People.


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