Familiarity breeds…

A friend. One you’ve been acquainted for some years now, not typically the one that you would visit more often, but you know him well enough to say Hi when you spot the old bean walking down the street. You’ve shared some laughs here and there for quite a while and you would joke about things or two.

He approaches you for help.

Seeing you as his one way ticket to his so near yet so far elusive dream of achieving a Degree on his final Semester in Campus, he approaches you for help  . As is the norm for any university student pursuing a Tech course he’s required to submit a working computerized System for him to get that Degree. Amidst all the brains in their institution he comes out and heads for you. An Intern barely out of College with mild experience in life, but filled with butt load of knowledge, Sidika’s can’t compare, on building systems to do this for him.

At first you’re adamant and tell him that you’ll just chip in and help him build it by suggesting platforms that he could build his project quickly hassle free without necessarily starting from scratch. Rapid Application Development if you please 😉 (hehe See, I told you hanging around Techies you learn stuff. See what I just did there. Google is your friend now). He refuses banging on and on about other important commitments to worry about other than sitting down and playing with tags and letters and punctuation marks to build a systems. He Implores you constantly you’re adamant he persists but you don’t budge. Then he mentions the magic word. Cheddar. You’re face lights up.

The idea of having some crispy notes at the end of all this shebang is already too inviting for you to say NO. Plus Pavvy needs some oil change her engine is too weak she runs on KPLC  Life Support. At least now she’ll take a breather and at least the Besotted Sequel, BESOTTED II will soon go up.

SIDE NOTE: –You thought that I had forgotten about it ? Well No. BESOTTED II haunts me and stalks me monthly, weekly and daily like an unpaid bill at Villa Rosa Kempinsk. I promise though it will be up soon.

So you accept the stated amount with much excitement and agree that regardless of the deadline that hovers around like a hangman’s noose, you will try your very best to beat it. The combination of the two, doing something that you love and getting paid for it sets you on a speed not even the Fast and Furious Crew could beat. Its on like a switch you embark on the project pronto, agree to set meetings to showcase the progress of the project and on its success. Smile all the way to the bank.

Days pass everything goes smoothly and he is impressed with the way things are. But still restive for its completion He thinks of you as a genius though because regardless of it not being complete. Its something worth presentable. He says he can now literally smell his degree. You’re happy for him as a friend and no lie for yourself too (Money on my mind). You proceed and 5 days to the deadline “Eureka”. You ace it.

Now anyone whose a Techie would admit to the fact that building things like these. Painstakingly takes a devil of your time. Time in chunks. Even a whole day, plus lots and lots of caffeine to keep the brain alert. Sleepless nights if it goes to the extreme in which such is the case, but the excitement of doing something that you love surpasses any exhaustion. So most of the times you’re adrenaline is on cloud nine. But amidst all this TheIntern gets this done.

You meet 4 days to the submission date. You show him the system. He looks at you, clearly  gobsmacked never new it was possible but right now he subscribes to what we the Stinson School of thoughts like to call; The Possimpible. Its a thing. Watch.

He goes through it all and acknowledges every nuke and cranny is fixed. So you agree to meet the next day and finalize. The following day he shows up you hand him “his work”. He changes tone now speaks in a hushed tone mumbles something about having half of the amount that he’s been overwhelmed by the Kenyan Economy, “Have you cheked the rate of the shilling against the dollar, give me time I’ll sort you out the other half. Soonest.” You don’t like this but the good in you whispers to your heart. “Let it slide, give him time he’ll come up with the lump some.”

So its settled a gentleman’s agreement he’ll send it to you after he’s lined up issues with the economy.

Days turn into weeks, weeks into a month. You text him and your numerous texts go an unanswered. Then you decide to call. He answers. Begins to rant on and on about being busy and says he hasn’t forgotten the business you discussed he’s sorting you out this week. Excited of the news you don’t take much effort on holding the chit chat for long so you talk briefly and hangup the next few seconds.

The week is finally over, the Saturday sun rises and sets but no message from the Mpesa. You give him time, perhaps the Lord will come through for his loyal servant this Sunday tithe has to be paid right! Alas no Mpesa activities the whole day. Monday morning you make a phone call, phone rings no answer. Tuesday morning you make a phone call. No answer. You text, no answer. Weeks turn into months. You call numerously. No answer. You’re pissed off but the words of one Mr Jameson bring humor to you. “Unapenda kufanya kazi ya Kanisa” 😀

Familiarity breeds. It breeds contempt.

This just me letting off steam. I’m good now.


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