The Birthday Conundrum

Special days are marked in special ways for special people in different ways :). If our favorite football club manages to win a match by a considerable number of goals or better yet gets the coveted trophy that has gotten more people jumping off roof tops than it has gotten us jumping from our seats, we celebrate. That night everyone will know about it, we’ll make noise, flock various entertainment joints and by god make everyone celebrate regardless of whether he or she was a fan or not.

Amidst all those special days their is but one that resonates with us, one that we would dare even not miss to remember, and we also expect our friends not to. Trying to forget it might not go down well with them. These are the Birthdays. So special to many, I for instance take this April 22nd date very serious, and with each new calendar year I tend to mark it, cross it, shade it, put whatever mark that will make it visible for anyone to think it’s a holiday. Continue reading

Life’s Intern

It’s January 6th to be precise. The year 2014, barely 5 days passed since the new year, during this span I’ve been busy. Busy up and down scribbling the writing pad. Writing countless letters and no, not for her its for certain individuals and before you go like “Bollocks just type this letter fella”, in his defense this fella decided if his going to write a letter he’s going to write it by his own handwriting. If an organization will choose me it will be because they went through my accolades and found them worthy and more importantly they went through my handwriting and found it all the more worthy, worthy to be read again. These are the times I remember how I went through countless number of internships in primary school in-order to make my manuscripts what they are today. Back in the days when rulers and little kids fingers used to be the teachers xylophones. If you had no good handwriting you fingers were bound to play the musical sounds when they came into contact with that big HACO school ruler. Continue reading