Disclaimer: Most stuff written on this is post is majorly Burundian which I too don’t understand but regardless I still write it as if it were my first language, despite the fact that the little Burundian. I know revolves around the word Urukundo & Ubuhamya (hehe 😀 its already on). If push comes to shove I think you may want to get a Burundian translator just to interpret and break down all this shabang. If you do know of one do help a brother I too am lost in this beautiful yet elusive Burundese language. Right? Yes.

I have listened to many songs. Some that would jolt you from the sofa and into a wiggling frenzy. Some that would require you just sit on the sofa and nod your head to every single beat and appreciate the harmonious tune. Some that would require you to go from a state of calmness to suddenly ratchet and allover the place. In spite of the type of music makes you listen to, a good number of them are quite good for you. Right? Yes. So allow me to recommend a few, Have you listened to Wyre’s collection he’s quite good. Don’t let the Pseudonym “Love Child” fool you, the guy makes mature reggae music (wait is it reggae or raggae. I’m told theirs a difference. Whats the difference? Raggae Reggae? Anyone outhere?) Yea for sure he’s really good.

Its no surprise then that every Damsel from the Caribbean that has happened to visit Kenya for a show, did not leave Kenya without leaving ties with Kenya through Wyre by doing a collabo with Mr Wyre. I’m sure the songs haven’t gone without your notice, if you are not aware of this visit his Youtube Channel. He’s done a lot of things to suffice this, he’s done Big Tings Agwan. Yea no lie this is one Kenyan artiste whose music I have danced to, jiggled, wiggled for as long as I could remember memorizing multiplication tables. He’s the shiznit.

Enter Kidum. A Burundian artist. Whom from the last interview I read about him said he came to Kenya seeking asylum during the Burundian War. Sad, right? But hey look what all that has lead to. His now big name in Kenya.

Before enthroning him to my music playlist, I happened to bump into his music a lot of times when I cleared my O levels and was on the KCSE gestation period for 4 months for my results. That time I remember hearing the name of the then Education minister on television made me quiver with fear because any mention of him was a reminder of the impending results that weren’t released yet but through that, hitherto, One FM station kept me sane the whole time whenever I was still figuring what to do. There is when I bumped into his one master piece track which has stayed with me until now.


Regardless of the fact I cannot speak enough Burundian to save my life, I could resonate with what he was singing. You know how they say Music is a language that everyone understands? Yea, listen to it and you can tell what its about. Never mind that until now I haven’t quite figured what he sings about  :D. The song just defines itself. Its one of those songs you are okay with not figuring what it means. Darn it, I take that back! Its a beautiful song, someone, anyone outhere its been 5 yrs and I’ve been singing it like a natural Burundian word for word and yet I cannot speak Burndian do translate.

Kidum sings. He sings from the heart. There is more than just one song. But for starters I recommend  Ubuhamya. I recommended him to you and so should you to another, just as I was by Bikozulu. We all need music to keep us in check at times, someone needs Kidum out there. Do share with them.

PS: All the best to one Goon in tonight’s BAKE Awards @magungawilliams may the ghost of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscars not hover around this year.